Innovation meets Human Resources

Addon Global employs novel ways to make the Human Resource process simpler, more effective, and extremely intelligent.

Our Services

Human Resource Solutions

The degree of your organization’s success is directly related to the depth of your organization’s talent pool.

To reinforce, reinvent and rejuvenate the existing talent pool of your company, AMS provides quality training on both the behavioural and technical metrics.

Infotech Solutions

Addon Infotech introduces high-end technologies to make the world of Business and Human Resource simpler than ever before.

We want to develop a corporate ecosystem where technology drives processes and optimizes them to increase overall productivity.

Corporate Insurance

To save time, money and efforts put in by the corporates, Addon Global provides flexible insurance services through RHEA Insurance.

We assign consultants To understand your requirements, and then guide you to select plans that suit you best.

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Why Addon Global?

Empowering your culture

Get the employees who don’t just fit your requirements but also your organization’s culture.

Artificial Intelligence

We deploy AI to automate, streamline, simplify Human Resource Management activities.

Bridging the job gap

Helping transform vacancies into opportunities. AMS intends to end employment disparity.


Recruitment and HR activities are executed using innovative methods and novel systems.

One stop solution

Get Recruitment, Infotech and Insurance solutions, all under one roof.

Experience & Reach

We understand domestic and global ecosystems, and accordingly, provide solutions that work.

Reliable payroll solutions

Seek greater potential in your organization’s workforce while we take care of payroll, completely!

Get insured

Give your employees a sense of security by getting them insured


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